Comandos.- Convertir WAV a MP3 y viceversa

De WAV a MP3

lame -h -m j prueba.wav

Y si quieren asignar un nombre:

lame -h -m j prueba.wav prueba.mp3

De MP3 a WAV

lame -h --decode prueba.mp3 prueba.wav



-h Alta calidad, pero un poco lenta. Recomendada

-m <mode>

mode = s, j, f, d, m

Joint-stereo is the default mode for stereo files with VBR when -V is more than 4 or fixed bitrates of 160kbs or less. At higher fixed bitrates or higher VBR settings, the default is stereo.

(s)imple stereo

(j)oint stereo

(f)orced MS stereo

(d)ual mono



Uses LAME for decoding to a wav file. The input file can be any input type supported by encoding, including layer II files. LAME uses a bugfixed version of mpglib for decoding.

If -t is used (disable wav header), LAME will output raw pcm in native endian format. You can use -x to swap bytes order.

This option is not usable if the MP3 decoder was explicitly disabled in the build of LAME.

-b Herramientas para el bitrate, por defecto son 128 kbps



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